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5 Easy Tips on Looking Good in Your Dancing Photos

Prior to running out for Botox or for an elegant photographer, here are 5 quick and easy things you can do to keep you looking good in all those photos you take.

1. Go camera crazy. Have a lot of shots taken of you, and just keep the finest. Make sure your eyes are always facing the light because if not, you’re going to waste some snaps.

2. Keep the best. Shoot a lot, but just keep a couple of your favorites. Did you know that pros keep just in between 1-10% of images they take?

Seriously! Photographers don’t just stroll on to set, take one photo, and leave; they take tons of them and then just pick out the best ones.

3. Posture and angles. Always remember to lengthen your neck and tilt your chin just a bit, never slouch and keep your shoulders back since it exudes confidence and will help you look better in your photos.

Do I sound like your mother yet?

If you are standing, try turning somewhat and rest your weight on your back leg. Do not keep your legs together and like above, keep those shoulders straight. Lean a little toward the camera and angle your face and/or body so that it doesn’t look awkward. Guarantee that the lens is above you, and if the photographer is shorter than you, move over to an area where they can base their camera on something or you can get below the lens.

If you are an actor or an actress, taking head shots can likewise be more pleasing if only one ear is revealing. Look somewhat above the lens and try looking away from the cam and a give a couple of facial expressions. Honest shots are engaging and even more intriguing than the standard “say-cheese” required smile, which can produce a forced look and squinty eyes and looks really unnatural.

4. Eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and can play tricks in photos if you’re not looking at the camera the right way. Holding a position and keeping your eyes engaged is challenging, so the best thing you can do is close your eyes and then open them immediately right after. You can also look away, then recall to the camera so that it looks even more natural. Better yet, you can even do something unforeseen. Speak with the photographer and try to face your eyes to the light source because by doing this it will catch the lights and produce a shimmer and instantly add life to your eyes as well as your photo.

5. What you are wearing. Wear a color that flatters you and especially doesn’t make you look bigger than you actually are. Don’t use clothing that has insane patterns because what will happen is that it will sidetrack your face from your photo. Stay away from striped/checkered shirts and make sure your garments aren’t wrinkled or bunching up.