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Dancing and Health – How They Mix

Dancing is an engaging and continuous activity with great physical rewards if you keep at it . Most dances cause enough exertion to get the heart pumping and the muscles working, and that’s a great thing because dancing can be associated with increased cardiovascular conditioning and has actually been linked to weight loss for several people.

The reasons to make dancing your exercise of choice go way past these physical rewards and they include the following:.

Never boring. Because you are in enjoyment of what you are doing once you choose the dance that is right for you, there is rarely ever any boredom.

Choices. The range of dance choices is endless and you can even mix it up with however you like. There are many dances that are out there include salsa, belly dancing, tango, all the way to samba.

Less hassles. You don’t require props or equipment or even a partner for most of the dances. Aside from comfortable clothing and music that you like, you usually just need yourself and a good sense of humor. Even for dances like salsa which is usually enjoyed by two people, you can actually practice on your own if you would like.

Make more friends. Because dancing is more of a social activity, it’s a really great way to meet new people and expand your social network and have some fun with like-minded people as you are exercising. You find, for example, that people who are together in a dance class to be more likely to hang out outside the classroom setting.

Location. You can practice your dancing almost anywhere. Whether it’s in your room or out in a field, the sky is the limit.

Investment. You get to choose how much money you want to invest in it. Most dance classes will give you the option of paying for each individual class, so you can choose as little or as many classes as you like depending on what type of budget you are on. Dancing can be free too. There are many opportunities to dance for free in a social setting, whether it is a few after work bars or house parties.

Being on the lookout. You are more likely to find “a partner in crime” if you might want to take a class or go out dancing. Most people love to dance and if they can’t dance, then they want to be at the place where the action is because the chances of meeting someone there is much better.

Get up and dance and allow yourself to enjoy the most fun physical activity that I know of. And if you may still have doubts about the impact dancing can have on your mind, body and spirit, perhaps you should rent the movie “Happy Feet” and see what it’s all about.

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